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Child's Play- Chapter 16- Spin The Bottle
Chapter 16- Spin The Bottle
~Amelia Jones~
We ported in some small coastal town in Northern Canada, the name of which escapes me, (and the attentions of the earth). According to Arthur, we were porting here to escape the watchful eye of an alert public. After a few days, we'd head south and make way to Europe by route of the pacific,round Africa, and around the Iberian peninsula.
As the crew dropped the anchor, I stood beside the wheel, cold and disheartened, having declined any offer to wear Arthur's coat, after noting the similarities it held to the one I knew the ghost had owned. "Where'd you get your coat?"
"I didn't steal it. If tha' be's what yer askin'. Not...exac'ly, anyhow."
"How not, then?"
"Was me fa'ers. One o' the la'ies a' the- one o' the ladies stich'ed it up fer me. Feather on me hat was his too, bu' the hat i'self is me very own, and did never belongs ta anyone bu' meself."
"Oh." I grew quiet once more at this affirmation of my beliefs.
"Had yer tongue pruned, B'd? Yer
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Child's Play-Chapter 15-Ghost In The Graveyard
Chapter 15- Ghost In The Graveyard
~Amelia Jones~
Like the idiot he is, he chuckled at me as I swatted his arm. His eyes held a strange warmth, and when I looked away, the chill ripped through me violently, as a bullet, sent from an unseen shooter. An invisible sniper, one whose image would undoubtedly evade most people's vision. A ghost. I knew it without a doubt, and the revelation morphed into an instantaneous need for human connection, causing me to clutch Arthur's arm, not daring to cope alone.
"Somefin ailin' ye, pigeon?"
"No..." My voice was a gentle murmur. I'd grown up a rather observant child. Matthew liked hiding, and he was unfathomably good at it, and such, I became accustomed to notice the acute, making me more susceptible to be one of the few who could see into the realm of the dead.
And it terrified me beyond comprehension.
"Yer lyin'."
"Amy?" Matthew's blue eyes found mine the moment Arthur growled, ordering me back into the cabin.
"N-no! Please! Please don't ma
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Child's Play- Chapter 14- Monopoly
Chapter 14- Monopoly
~Amelia Jones~
Everything after the impact was a disorienting compilation of blurred generalization and starkly clear details, preserved in a crisp focus as I recall them.
Having noted the event, Jack and some other crew member speaking in a soft tone (I didn't recognize him in my unobservant haze) intervened in the unfolding affair.
Captain preoccupying his chambers, it seemed Jack had no defined place to really take me, and settled on the kitchen, as anyone still awake would be elsewhere at the present time.
"Yew a'right, missy?" His voice held that strange bouncing quality it carried before. I couldn't place it.
He nodded "An' Arthur?"
"I'm not sure." The painfully confounded look in his eyes, an ever expansive foresty green, lurking behind the slightest of shadows or depths within resurfaced in my mind.
"I figured." My expectant look egged him on. "Yew're an unknown, an' he be not so comf't'rble wif those."
"He should probably amend that."
Jack wet his
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Child's Play-Chapter 13 - Dominoes
Chapter 13 - Dominoes
~Amelia Jones~
I jumped away from Arthur who sighed with a resigned frown.
"It looks like you were kissing him..."
"I... Well, I was, but... I mean, I wasn't, he was kissing me! And, uh, I didn't really
kiss him back at all or anything mostly!"
"Aye, ye did."
"I don't get it, is this like... One giant kink?"
"WHAT?! No! No! Nonono! EW! Matt!"
"You were kissing him, okay! How am I supposed to know?"
"I's definitely a gian' kink." The smirk on his lips made me want to smack him. No! Shit. Not... Not like that!
~Arthur Kirkland~
The brilliant hue of red painting her cheeks was a color I was fairly certain could be classified as unprecedented. Something whirring in her mind made the blood rush to her face and at that moment, I would have payed a good fortune to have know what that was.
"I-it's not like that!"
"Bu' I' is."
"I swear to the same ever loving Lord who damns you to Hell that if you sa
:iconsydneyla:Sydneyla 2 0
Child's Play-Chapter 12 - Guess Who
Chapter 12 - Guess Who
~Arthur Kirkland~
It took only a few days to reach the western port of Victoria. I expected Amelia to find comfort in the solid ground we descended onto. But her behavior was quite contrary to my expectation.
As she set foot on the docks, her blue eyes scanned the surroundings back and forth in a nervous, slightly expectant manner.
The crew parted from us soon after we docked in search of a pub to spend the Frenchman's plunder.
Trousers were easy to find, though many of the shirts fit her rather awkwardly, and my saying her chest was to blame resulted in a painfully forceful smack to the back of my head. Not to mention a retort... What was it? Oh. Yes. That I "would look a hell of a lot uglier in woman's clothes than" she does "in men's."
I suppose it is true, though.
~Amelia Jones~
I remember distinctly the sigh of clean relief that I felt as I ascended the steps to the ship,  wearing the clothing I'd recently acquired. This feeling of escape was not significant
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Child's Play- Chapter Eleven- Trading Game
Trading Game
~Amelia Jones~
Feli's pasta was amazing. For food made on a ship, it quarreled with Sally's burgers for the title of the best thing I'd ever eaten.
"Ve~ Bella~ Did you like it?"
"Yeah. It's awesome."
"Ve~ Grazi Amelia~"
I laughed softly at the gentle roll that he put on my name. It took a moment for me to notice the steady forest green gaze set on me, it's origin being set under an all too familiar pair of bushy eyebrows.
"Nothin'." He looked to his plate, obviously distracted by some thought whirling about his probably largely empty mind.
"What are you, eight?"
"Yer the one who's too afraid to kiss someone."
"I'm not afraid. I don't want to."
"Nay, I don't believe ye."
"Your loss." There was something about the way he smiled then, gentle and soft. His eyes searched mine in an intense, personal but not invasive manner. And it caused an uncomfortable chill to slink up my spine that I'd rather forget I felt. The awkward silence grew around us, tense and thick.
:iconsydneyla:Sydneyla 5 2
Child's Play- Chapter Ten- The Joker
Child's Play
~Iain Kirkland~
The whole demeanor of the ship had changed. It was a dangerous intensity, festering and building. I breathed it in, enthralled by the subtle chaos creaking in the boards we stood on. I was keeping watch, making sure the boys did their work.
And debating how to incorporate the newest addition to the plot into my plan. The crew trusted me enough already. The kindling was set, the logs placed strategically to roar into an unstoppable blaze with the kiss of a spark. And that was the last thing I needed. A spark. And luckily for me, my little brother had provided the perfect match to bring the fire of mutiny to light. I'd take his bird, and then his crew, and lastly, his ship along with it's treasures. And I'd leave Arthur to rot, turn him in for a large reward to get me started. Now all that was left to think on was how to go about capturing the dove. Or, more appropriately, the eagle.
I was getting tired of songbirds anyhow. They're quick to tame, and there's
:iconsydneyla:Sydneyla 2 7
Quiet Heart
Quiet Heart
Ripping through the night, foreboding
Desperate plea for help, to those who can’t hear
She ends like this, her heart unheard, unknown
Clouds whisper the secrets of her future
Walking along the street, though a knife draws a
Desperate plea for help to those who can’t hear
No one witnessed her subtle splendor, far gone now
She had not heard the soft warnings that night
Walking along the street, though a knife draws a
Scream to pierce the pristine night, and proceed
Her only stain on life, the blood washed cobbles
She had not heard the soft warnings that night
End of light is the entrance of shadow
The end of an era that could have been, but
Her only stain on life, the blood washed cobbles
Her final breath fell from trembling lips so
Ripping through the night, foreboding
The end of an era that could have been, but
She ends like this, her heart unheard, unknown
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Child's Play- The Game
Child's Play- "The Game"
~Amelia Jones~
Waking up the next morning was a strange and confounding experience. The first thing I noted was the softness underneath me, and the smell around me. It reminded me of Arthur, a purer scent, the sting of alcohol tainting it less then it had previously, allowing the salty, harshness of it surface, though a third layer hid beneath the brine of the second. It was still crisp, a bitter yet vulnerable odor, much like mint. There was also citrus, not uncommon for sailors to smell of, due to the ingestion of lemons to prevent Scurvy. The combination was nothing like that of the molding prison I'd been previously occupying. I was yet again in the upper portion of the cabin, and paranoia got the better of me when I realized my corset was gone, only to remember I'd taken it off the previous night to allow myself an ease of breathing.
Upon sitting up, I saw a piece of paper on the desk. I was struck by the fluidity of his writing. How could the bastard son
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